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Friday, February 27, 2009
Kitchen Tips, Tricks, and Trends Workshop Recap

We had a great time at the Kitchen Tips, Tricks, and Trends Workshop this past Tuesday, Feb 24th, 2009.

Kristin Bramer lead the discussion along with Helly Duncan to an audience of about 10 people.

Topics covered included:

Cabinets- construction, wood types, finishes, current trends
Countertops- various materials, costs, and pros and cons,current trends
Backsplashes- materials, costs, current design trends
Appliances- styles, features, trends, finishes
Sinks- styles, trends, finishes
Faucets&Hardware- trends, features, and finishes

Questions about costs for each of these items came up during the discussion. The roadblock for most people around kitchen updates is the cost that adds up. The average kitchen remodel costs around $25,000 to $35,000 with cabinets, countertops, backsplash, appliances, plumbing, hardware, and labor.

There are things you can do on a smaller level though that will improve the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. Here are Kristin's Top 10 Tricks & Tips for lower cost ways to update your kitchen:

  1. Change Cabinet Hardware
  2. Change sink & Faucet (Drop In sinks only)
  3. Paint
  4. Add Towel Bars
  5. Accessorize with matching throw rug, dish towels, and decorative bowl
  6. Add a decorative dish soap dispenser
  7. Glue galvanized metal in inside doors of wall cabinets & magnetic containers for spices or organization
  8. Attach painted peg board inside doors base cabinets for hanging pot lids, mitts, etc.
  9. Add crown molding
  10. Add under counter lighting

There were also questions/discussion around items such as bathroom tile design and matching new hardware to door handles and hinges. This last topic was discussed at some length.

Once a homeowner starts updating hardware a common next step is to update light fixtures to better match the new hardware. While taking this step will complete the update, homeowners can budget this step in Phase II (moderate priority projects) to spread out the cost of the update.

Bringing in an interior designer for big and small kitchen projects will make sure you get what you want out of your investment. Interior designers bring a very important objective viewpoint to your project. Good interior designers see potential opportunities for the kitchen that you may not see on your own. They also are trained to make sure your budget stays intact and your project is properly managed.

For larger remodels an interior designer can add further value through space planning. Kristin demonstrated the tool we use, 20/20.

During the demonstration of 20/20 the topic of using independent interior designers versus staff from big box stores like Lowe's or The Great Indoors came up. The value add you receive from independent interior designers in this comparison comes from the incentives driving each.

Independent interior designers like us at Design Matters Home are in business to create an awesome space that looks and feels good with lasting appeal. We are not in the business to sell cabinets and are not motivated to sell cabinets only and move on. We know and appreciate that spending money on these investments in your home and going through the change can be overwhelming. We are here for you.

Just like Carla from Top Chef bringing love to her cooking, we bring love to our work and our clients. Average results do not work for us. We love what we do and we will work with you until we get the design done to your satisfaction.

This workshop was part of our ongoing monthly series. Planned topics for upcoming workshops include:

*Home office and entertainment
*Sell now or wait (how interior design plays in your decision)
*The complete home (blending interiors and exteriors)
*Green Interior Design
*Universal Design/Aging in place
*Redesign (low cost ways to reconfigure rooms)
*Interior Design and Athletes
*Living in a Costco Home
*Feng Shui

Check our website: for updates and schedules.

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