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Monday, June 29, 2009
Design for Less Workshop Recap

We had another great workshop this past Tuesday, June 23, 2009. The dance studio of The Art Underground provided a nice setting for about 22 attendees to learn more about low cost design.

Helly kicked off the evening with some updates at Design Matters Home including the introduction of two new offerings called Settle-in Design (benefitting new home owners), and Redesign Parties (benefitting existing home owners). Pages with more information on these will be up soon on the site. In the meantime, call (303)249-4661 for more information on them.
The workshop was broken into three areas. Click on the links below to see more details on each.

A vignette was set up at the front of the room that included carpet, a wicker chair, a piano bench, a plant, a decoy duck and more. Helly kicked off the interaction with the audience by asking which pieces were high end and which were flea market. Also in the front of the room were displays of kids framed art and calendar pages to show the variety of things we all have round our homes that can be made into art.

Highlights of the evening were around the discussion of the best times of the year for shopping, dumpster diving, and online purchasing through E-bay and Craigslist. A few members of the audience admitted that they have found great items in dumpsters. A particular good resource is around the University of Colorado here in the Boulder area. Helly has not really done much purchasing from E-bay so she did not have advice on them but did suggest that with Craigslist being local it makes more sense for home interior items. One audience member shared a recent purchase of a really nice dresser on Craigslist for only $50!

A question from the audience came up about being tired of framing family photos. Suggestions of hanging clips from yarn, wire, ribbon, etc were shared.

As advertised we had great refreshments and we gave away great prizes including a tea pack from Celestial Seasonings, two bottles of wine from Boulder Creek Winery, a copy of the "Use What You Have Decorating" book by Lauri Ward, a $25 gift certificate to Lafayette Flea Market, and a catered redesign party for 10 by the Design Matters Home team. Thank you much to all the companies that provided prizes. We also want to again thank The Art Underground for the room, chairs, and tables and thank you, Keith Bobo for taking pictures.

Our next workshop is on Outdoor Kitchens and it will not be one to miss. We are still working out the final plans so check back on our website for updated information.


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