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We offer a free initial consultation that we like to call a meet and greet, but that is just the start.  At the initial consultation, we get the chance to meet potential new clients as well as have them show us their design ideas, challenges, and discuss goals.

After the initial meeting, we customize a budget based on the design needs discussed.  We include a material budget as well as a contractor guestimate if possible.  All of these prices are part of an overall budget, and many new clients find these numbers very helpful to establish a realistic budget for their particular project.

Upon review and approval of the design budget, we will send a Letter of Agreement and retainer request for review by the client, and after acceptance we are ready to get started!

We will set up a meeting for measurements, follow up to review initial plans, start drawings, and material selections.  Managing the project is a constant through out the design process to keep the project moving along without delay and on budget.

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